The 918kiss or kiss918 slot is the most famous in the year 2018. To avoid the big defeat, this is based on the next 2 factors:

Small Capital
Great Capital
SCR888: Small Capital

Small capital means you have to start playing from RM30 or Rm50. You have to set a defeat that you can lose. If you lose the capital, stop playing again and you can try another day.

With the RM50 model, every bet you can try is RM0.50. So you have 100 times bet in SCR888 Slots. The win-win opportunities are SCR888 Slots like Oceanking, Fishing Star, AfricanWildlife, Aladdin, Roulette, The Bull, Dragan Tiger, Panda, Single Pick, triple twister, Golden Tree, and girl.

You can try all the slots in the game above in the small model first, often one of the slot games above will win you. Just the patience you need to make before finding a slot that will give you victory.

918kiss: Big Model

This is your bet’s worth with a great value as your capital is RM500. Every bet you should try is RM5 (100 times bet in SCR888 Slots). Please set your defeat of RM100 for each game slot.

Warning if in every round of the slot you are playing lose, well do not go on anymore. The likelihood that day your luck is missing.

Tips: Start playing with a Small Capital, at least RM50, if you’ve got one of the slot games in the SCR888 to win, you can keep trying big capital in the same day.